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Emshwiller, Eve, Gardner, Andrew.
Basic science contributions to crop wild relative conservation in Oxalis.
in Colloquium: Speaking of Food: connecting basic and applied science.

Walsh, Brian, Emshwiller, Eve.
Using Molecular Markers to Trace the Domestication History of the ExtinctChenopodium Cultigen of the Middle-Mississippi River Watershed.

Georgian, Elizabeth, Emshwiller, Eve.
A Tale of Ethnic Minorities, Rhododendron, and Conservation in Yunnan, China.

Moscoe, Lauren, Emshwiller, Eve.
Comparison between SSR and AFLP analyses of oca (Oxalis tuberosa: Oxalidaceae).

Scherer, Brendan, Emshwiller, Eve, Georgian, Elizabeth.
Relationships Between Age, Sex, and Location with Ethnobotanical Knowledge of Rhododendron Among the Naxi of Southwest China.


Gardner, Andrew, Emshwiller, Eve.
Morphological correlates of habitat preference among the American bulb-bearing Oxalis.
Botany 2012, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Georgian, Elizabeth, Emshwiller, Eve.
Pollination of Rhododendron in the Himalayas of China.
Botany 2012, Columbus, Ohio, USA


Gardner, Andrew, Emshwiller, Eve, Vaio, Magdalena, Guerra Filho, Marcelo, Oberlander, Kenneth, Dreyer, Leanne, Heibl, Christoph.
From woody shrubs to weedy, succulent, and bulb-bearing herbs: an updated phylogeny for Oxalis.
Botany 2011, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Bradbury , Elizabeth Jane, Duputié, Anne, Delêtre, Marc, Roullier, Caroline, Emshwiller, Eve, McKey, Doyle.
Genetic Differentiation of Bitter and Sweet Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) at the Global and Continental Levels: new analyses distinguish between competing hypotheses of genetic drift and migration.
Botany 2011, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Emshwiller, Eve, Epperson, Bryan, Theim, Terra, Tay, David, Medina, Tulio.
Geographic Distribution of Genetic Diversity of Clonally Propagated Crops: Oxalis tuberosa as an example.
Botany 2011, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Walsh, Brian M., Emshwiller, Eve.
Phylogeny of American Chenopodium species with focus on origins of the domesticated taxa.
Botany 2011, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Bradbury, Elizabeth Jane, Tay, David, Emshwiller, Eve.
Understanding Domestication Resulting in Opposing Crop Phenotypes: (2) Organic Acid Accumulation in Oca (Oxalis tuberosa Molina) Tubers
Botany 2011, St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Emshwiller, Eve, Gardner, Andrew, Oberlander, Kenneth C., Vaio, Magdalena, Heibl, Christoph, Dreyer, Leanne.
Phylogeny and biogeography of Oxalis: preliminary results based on plastid loci
Botany and Mycology 2009, Snowbird, Utah.

Gardner, Andrew, Emshwiller, Eve.
Re-examining evolution of the North American bulb-forming Oxalis.
Botany and Mycology 2009, Snowbird, Utah, USA.


Emshwiller, Eve, Theim, Terra J., Hatas, Emily.
Application of AFLP and plastid sequence data to the question of the origins of polyploidy of Oxalis tuberosa

Botany 2008, Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.


Gardner, Andrew, Bradbury, Jane, Emshwiller, Eve.
A new visual and pedagogical approach to teaching life cycles
Botany and Plant Biology 2007, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Some of Eve’s prior to arriving at UW:


Emshwiller, Eve
What can we learn from farmers’ crop diversity management strategies to improve conservation measures? – Introduction to the workshop theme. [PDF]
Society for Economic Botany annual meeting, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Selected Presentations

Human/Plant Interactions in Crop Evolution: Integrating Different Sources of Data in Contemporary Ethnobotany Eve Emshwiller (2010) Smithsonian Institution Botanical Symposium.

Phylogeny and biogeography of Oxalis: preliminary results based on plastid loci. Eve Emshwiller, Andrew Gardner, Kenneth C. Oberlander, Magdalena Vaio, Christoph Heibl, Leanne Dreyer (2009) Botany and Mycology 2009, Snowbird, Utah:

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Oca tubers
Diversity of oca tubers cultivated by one family in Huánuco department, Peru